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Volunteers are the backbone of political organizations. In Ottawa Centre; we need many volunteers to run a successful election campaign, but we also need volunteers in the non-election period. In the non election years, OCFLA works very hard to increase membership; maintain a strong presence in the communities of Ottawa Centre; provide forums to dialogue with the community and develop policies that reflect the specific concerns of Ottawa Centre. These endeavours are handled by the OCFLA Vice-Presidents of Membership, Outreach, Communications and Policy.

In preparation for our candidate selection and for the run up to the federal election in 2015, we also have an Election Readiness Committee. One of the important initiatives of this committee is to create a network across the riding of Poll Captains and Neighbourhood Captains. Ideally, we would like to have a Poll Captain in each of the polls and a Neighbourhood Captain for the sixteen designated neighbourhoods in Ottawa Centre: McKellar, Westboro North, Westboro South, West Wellington, Carlington Park, Civic Hospital, Carleton Heights, Hintonburg, Dalhousie Centretown West, Centretown East, Glebe West, Glebe East, Old Ottawa East, Old Ottawa South and Carleton University.

Below are the job descriptions for all of the volunteer positions in these areas. Please contact the volunteer coordinator at ocfla.volunteers if you wish to volunteer for any of these positions.


                                                        Job Descriptions for Volunteers (Communications)
To assist the Vice President, Communications with the production and distribution of OCFLA information.


Provide material (Op-eds, policy analysis, news items) for the website and/or newsletter
Take photos of OCFLA events, or OCFLA/Liberal participation in other local community events to be tagged and shared on social media and over the website/newsletter
Assist in the translation of all communications, ensuring that all OCFLA content is available in both official languages
Post on social media accounts to share OCFLA pictures and pieces
Provide articles for the quarterly newsletter

As it occurs (social media)
Quarterly: newsletter

Most work can be done from home and submitted via email or conducted over social media

The VP Communications will provide direction, and access to the association’s social media or email distribution lists may be provided as necessary.

Experience with word processors and social media are necessary. Familiarity with WordPress, Liberalist and bilingualism are an asset.

Job Description for Volunteers (Outreach)

Help build support for the Liberals in Ottawa Centre and recruit new Liberal supporters before the next election. Elections cannot be won only at election time.

identify key events of importance to different communities(ie Chinese New Year)that we can recognize on our website and communicate this to the community organizations that we have identified.
assist in expanding our list of new community groups that we can liase with
help organize or participate in outreach events where voters gather. Liberal volunteers hand out buttons, pamphlets and talk with voters. Examples are the Glebe Garage sale, Ottawa Marathon Run, farmers markets.
help organize or assist in neighbour assistance work such as park clean-ups or Halloween food bank collection.

Some activities can be done from home on a periodic basis throughout the year while others can be done by as little as a two hour shift at a community event. The bulk of the work takes place during the warmer months when outside events are held.

Across the EDA

We have a tent, tables and marketing material available for each event and there will always be a minimum of at least 3 Liberal volunteers at any time during an event.

No particular skills are necessary although we are looking for someone with design ideas to help in producing button designs.


Job Description for Volunteers (Phone Banks and Virtual Phone Banks)

To assist the Vice President Membership.
To maintain an accurate membership data base (Liberalist).

Tasks involve: data entry & verification (reviewing members’ profiles in Liberalist database),
Contacting members to confirm contact information,
Contacting former members for membership renewal.

Phone banks take place throughout the year, focusing on each quarter: March, June, September and December.

Phone banks occur at a central location; virtual phone banks at home.
Data entry verification takes place at a central location or from home

The Association will provide basic training for data entry and verification in Liberalist and virtual phone banks.
The Association will provide scripts for phone banks.

Basic computer skills, data entry experience and good phone skills.

Job Descriptions for Volunteers (Policy)


To assist the Policy Committee Leads (Party Research, Issues Research, Data) in

conducting research into, and analysis of the policies and platforms of the 3 major parties;

identifying and conducting research into issues of importance to the voters of Ottawa Centre;

analyzing the demographics of the voters in Ottawa Centre to improve our election readiness and support our candidate in 2015


survey voters

conduct research

organize public policy events

publish results


These activities are on-going, helping to improve the election readiness of Ottawa Centre


Across the EDA


Guidance and support will be provided by one or more of our policy

leads. The policy leads will organize the work in terms of a series of

interrelated projects.


Any of:

Good research and analytical skills

Good oral and written communications skills in both official languages

Good organizational skills

Job Descriptions for Volunteers (Neighbourhood and Poll Captains)


To build a strong grassroots organization in Ottawa Centre in order to better understand and respond to the needs of our voters and support our candidate in the next federal election.


We will build our organization through a network of neighbourhood and poll captains.

Neighbourhood Captains will be responsible for

recruiting, maintaining and supporting a team of poll captains in their

neighbourhoods. Poll captains will be responsible for establishing and

maintaing contact with the voters in their polls


These activities are on-going, helping to improve the election readiness of Ottawa Centre


Across the EDA


Neighbourhood Captains

The duties of a neighbourhood captain are:

To use their knowledge of their neighbourhood, along with information about the Liberal members and voters in their area to

recruit captains for each poll in their neighbourhood

To familiarize themselves with the functions and support available from the various portfolios within the OCFLA (membership,

communications, volunteer coordination, policy, etc)

To determine how the services available from the various portfolios

can be applied in their neighbourhood

To train their poll captains

Poll Captains

The duties of a poll captain are:

To contact the voters in their poll

To solicit from the voters in their poll policy issues and concerns (with special focus on local issues), the level of support for the Liberal party and interest in becoming a member, donor, volunteer or taking a sign in the next election

To explain to voters our position on policy issues

To organize informal get togethers as appropriate

To use their knowledge of the voter base in the poll to help our candidate canvass


Any of:

Good research and analytical skills

Good oral and written communications Skills in both official languages

Good oganizational skills